Yori Saneyoshi Net Worth 2024
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Yori Saneyoshi is one of the biggest fans of Los Angeles Lakers, and also a businesswoman. Here, we will know Yori Saneyoshi Net Worth in 2024, Age, Occupation and many more.

Who is Yori Saneyoshi?

You may have been a fan of something in your life. It may be a celebrity, a player, a sports team, or anything. But, Yori Saneyoshi has made her name famous worldwide for being a fan of an NBA club, The Los Angeles Lakers. She is found in almost all the games of the team sitting on the courtside seat. Her support for the club has gained her worldwide recognition and admiration as we as fans all over the world.

Yori Saneyoshi Age:

Yori was born in 1951 in Japan. She is currently 73 years of age.

Early Life:

Yori is a daughter of the Japanese Saneyoshi family. She was born in Japan, but later came to America and got the nationality. Her father Masai Saneyoshi was a Japanese Oil Tycoone. So, she belonged to a rich family. From her childhood, Yori was interested in sports. When her family settled in America, she found her exceptional love for basketball.

The games of the Los Angeles Lakers attracted the lady the most. From the 1980s. she has been watching the games of the team. She has lived and watched the legends of sports very closely. In that decade, the Lakers were passing the best time with the best players on the team. She and her father were seen in all the games in the stadium.

Yori Saneyoshi has two seats in the Laker’s courtside by her name. One of them was of his father’s, but after his death, Yori is seen to watch the game alone. Her wealth helped her to buy the full season tickets for more than 35 years. She tries to attend games such as old games, which motivates the players and also the young fans. She is an icon of Laker’s most trusted and die-hard fans.

Yori Saneyoshi Net Worth in 2024:

Yori Saneyoshi Net Worth in 2024 is $2 Million in 2024. She spends more than a million buying courtside tickets for Lakers’ games. The source of her income is quite unknown, but as per our analysis, she is connected to the real estate business.

Yori also owns 2 seats in the Lakers’ stadium, from where she gets good revenue when she can’t attend the game. She also tends to earn from her family’s oil pipeline business.

Yori Saneyoshi Husband:

Yori is unmarried, but she is in a living relationship with Kay Harrington. The couple is seen enjoying the Lakers’ game together


The lady has many assets in the United States. She has two houses in Beverly Hills. The two houses are valued at more than $7 million combined.


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