Sara Saffari Age
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If you are a regular internet and social media user, you may have seen a stunning fitness influencer, Sara Saffari. She has grown her TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms with tons of fans. We will be discussing about her in this article

Who Is Sara Saffari?

Sara was born in Kentucky, United States. She has an Italian Ethnicity, both of her parents had that origin.  Sara finished her school in her hometown and later finished her BBA at California Lutheran University. She is currently living in Los Angeles. Sara has made herself famous on the internet for her influential videos.

Sara started her career in Business Administration. After the hassles of her work, she started to go to the gym, which eventually changed the course of her life. She started posting her exercises, changes, and gym life on the internet. The videos went viral on TikTok and she gained immense popularity there.

Her collaboration with Bradley Martyn, a famous fitness influencer and coach made the biggest breakthrough of her career. She started receiving offers from many fitness organizations for collaboration. In the meantime, her TikTok and Instagram followers rose so high.

How Old is Sara Saffari?

The influencer was born on 28 February 2001. Sara Saffari is currently 22 years of age. The social media influencer still looks like a teen, the secret of maintaining her age is that she goes through physical exercise daily and takes a healthy diet. We can see that by visiting her lifestyle photos on her social media accounts.

Does she have a boyfriend?

From the time she came into the spotlight, people often showed interest in her relationship status. The influencer hasn’t talked about it publicly, but according to our sources, Sara is currently single. She was rumored to date Bradley Martyn when they started collaborating together.

Sara Saffari was also rumored to date Sneako. Sneako is an American YouTuber. But later it was confirmed that they were not dating.

Sara Saffari Net worth:

In 2024, Sara Saffari has a net worth of $2 Million. She has increased her fortunes a lot in recent years, being the best fitness influencer on social media platforms.

What is her Source of Income?

As a top influencer on the Internet, Sara receives a good amount of endorsement from reputed brands. The star has 2 Million followers on Instagram. She has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 204.9K followers on TikTok.

Sara receives her income from band collaborations on her social media platforms. She receives good revenue from her content on social media platforms. Sara also conducts a podcast show named Mommy And Daddy Talk, from where she gains money.


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