Buster Murdaugh Net Worth
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Buster Murdaugh is the eldest son of the Murdaugh family. Though being a part of one of America’s most controversial families, he has often remained away from the spotlight. Here, we will learn about his career and fortunes.

Who is Buster Murdaugh?

Buster Murdaugh was born in South Carolina, USA. His father Alex Murdaugh, was a lawyer and Jury. He was guilty of the murder of her wife and younger son who was murdered in 2021. Buster had to go through a long family drama and tragedy in recent years after the death of his family members. He started living separately from his dad after the incident.

Buster belongs to a legal family, his previous generations worked for law and legal rights. He followed the family tradition of studying Government and International Affairs at Wofford College and Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law. he got huge support from her family for building her career in Law.

Buster started his career at his family Law company Parker Law Group, LLP His career was going well until he had to face the tragedy of his family. Some said that his father killed his family members to give all the properties to his older son, which means him. But after the trial, his father was found guilty and Buster was not charged of anything.

Later, he was featured on Netflix. The tragedy of the Murdaugh family was featured in Netflix named “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal,” Buster gained huge popularity for his role in the crime thriller. he received support from all over the world. The TV series increased his popularity a lot in America

How Old Is He?

The man was born in 1996. So, Buster Murdaugh is 27 years of age.

What is Buster Murdaugh’s Net Worth?

Buster Murdaugh has a net worth of $5 Million in 2024. It’s been often a mystery how the young man has earned such money. But, he has managed to gain all the fortunes legally.

What is his Source of Income?

In recent years, the net worth of Buster Murdaugh has increased a lot. In 2023, it was the highest. The main reason behind this is that he became famous after his father’s trial. He worked with Netflix in 2023, from where he earned a good revenue.

As a part of the royal legal family, and the main heir of the Parker Law Group, LLP, he is performing law in South Carolina. He is achieving success in his career, which has opened his fortune. Buster also owns a landscaping company.

Most of the family’s fortune has been transferred to the young man. he has earned more than $500k from his mother’s real estate. He is projected to be America’s richest lawyer in the near future.

Buster Murdaugh Girlfriend:

Buster Murdaugh is currently in a relationship, the name of his girlfriend is Brooklynn White. She was found to be on Buster’s side throughout the trial process. White is also working in Law and Order just like his partner.


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