William Hung Net Worth in 2024
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William Hung is a former American Singer and a motivational speaker. Here, we will learn about William Hung Net Worth in 2024 with his age, career, early life, and others.

William Hung Age:

The singer was born on November 10, 1982. So, he is 41 years of age.

Early Life and Career:

Hung was born and grew up in Hong Kong. he had his initial education from there until his family moved to the USA when he was 11. There, he completed his secondary and higher education.

When he was a student, Hung decided to audition for the American Idol at 20 years of age. This decision changed the course of his life. When the show was aired in 2004, Hung received worldwide recognition and praise for his positive attitude throughout the show. He started receiving many offers many many labels for working with them.

Hung decided to join Koch Entertainment and released three albums with them. His first album was a hit and took a position in Billboard’s top sales chart. The album was named “Inspiration.” His next two albums were also popular on the market but were not sold as much as the first one.

Hung made many TV appearances at the time. he appeared in  “Jimmy Kimmel!”, “Late Show with David Letterman,” and many more. he appeared in many TV commercials, as he gained huge popularity after his American Idol performance. Hung also had some stage performances, he was also invited to sing in many award shows at that time. Later, he appeared as a guest performer in many American Idol episodes.

But, Hung’s music career was not going as expected. After the loss of the third album, he didn’t release any new one. Hung retired from his music career in 2011. But in his eight years in the industry, Hung received enormous affection from his fans. He joined as a technical crime analyst in Los Angeles. Hung is currently spending his days as a motivational speaker.

William Hung Net Worth in 2024:

William Hung has a net worth of $500,000 in 2024. He has earned most of the money from his music career.

Rather than music, he received high payments by appearing in ads and from his stage performances. He received good payment from the TV shows also. William Hung is currently earning from Motivational Speaking sessions.


At a young age, he was endorsed by many advertisement agencies named Ask.com, Game Show Network, and many more. Currently, he is endorsed by the Asian Realtors Association of America.

Height and Weight:

Hung has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a weight of 75 kg.

William Hung Wife:

Hung’s marriage life was not as smooth as his career. He had a bad habit of gambling and he admires that this has ruined his marriage life. The American Idol singer has married twice and none of the marriages worked out. in 2014, he married Jian Teng.

His second marriage seemed to work out, but in 2022, he got divorced from his second wife. Currently, he has a girlfriend named Hannah. He revealed about his relationship on his Instagram account.


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