Shannon Klingman Net Worth
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Shannon Klingman is a doctor and entrepreneur. She is famous for founding Lume Deodorant. Besides being a prolific gynecologist Klingman is also a successful business lady. Through a successful career she made her fortune. Here we will know about Shannon Klingman’s net worth in 2024. 

Shannon Klingman Personal Information:

Profession Doctor, Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality
Birth Date January, 1970
Age 54
Height 5 feet 7 inches ( 170 cm)
Weight 141 lb (64 kg)
Nationality American
Husband Evan Griffiths
Children 3

Lume Deodorant & Journey in the World of Business

Klingman is a professional doctor. From working in the field of medicine she gained experience in human hygiene. Her expertise and experience helped her create a unique deodorant brand. After her research she founded the Lume Deodorant in 2017. The company soon became a success due to its top quality. Klingman later transferred her ownership to Harry in 2021. But she is still serving as the CEO of the company and holds a stake in the company.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Klingman through his career as a successful doctor and entrepreneur built her wealth. She is highly paid and has a really high annual income. Besides that her Lume Deodorant is quite successful. She has been serving as the CEO and receiving a handsome salary annually. Besides that she has stakes in the company contributing to her net worth. As of 2024 Shannon Klingman has a net worth of $100 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Klingman made a successful career in the world of business as well as medicine. She earns a great sum from her profession as a doctor per year. Besides that she also serves as the CEO of Lume Deodorant. The company has a valuation of nearly $250 million. Besides that it also makes a yearly revenue of $15 million. As a result Klingman earns nearly $3 million per year from the company alone. She also has a stake in the company that can earn even more annually. In a year Klingman can earn up to $5 million from various ventures.

Diverse Business Ventures and Investments

Klingman ventured into the business world through her deodorant company. The earnings from her company led her to invest in various sectors. Consequently she has invested in bonds, stocks and real estate earning her a hefty sum annually. She appeared on Shark Tank season 9. Besides that she works with OneOme and NovoClade which is a biotech firm.

Shannon Klingman Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Klingman lives with her family in a luxurious house. She is also an avid philanthropist. She works with One Heartland, an organization that helps HIV AIDS patients and their families.


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