Danae Hays Net Worth
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Danae Hays is a famous social media personality and musician. She is famous for her contents on TikTok. Through a successful career as a social media influencer, Hays made her net worth. Here we will know about Danae Hays net worth in 2024.

Danae Hays Personal Information:

Profession Social Media Personality, Musician, Player
Birth Date September 27, 1989
Age 35
Height 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Weight 129 lb (59 kg)
Nationality American
Wife Mandie Kaii
Children 0

Career in Softball & TikTok

Hays from an early age had passion for sports, As a result she started to play softball. Later on she played at the University of Alabama in the shortstop position. After finishing her graduation she started to explore her creativity in the entertainment sector. As a result she started to post funny and daily videos on TikTok. Soon she went viral and became one of the stars on TikTok.

Danae Hays Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Hays is popular in the world of social media. She regularly posts and engages her audience. Her unique style of entertainment has garnered wide attention on different platforms. That is especially on TikTok. Through sponsorships she also earns a lot besides ad revenues. As of 2024 Danae Hays has a net worth of $6 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Hays mainly earns from her online social media platforms. She has a huge following on the internet. On TikTok she has 2.6 million followers and 79.3 million likes, making her a successful TikToker. She earns a huge sum from TikTok alone. Besides that she is also active on YouTube and Instagram, having 442.7k followers and 35k subscribers respectively. From all her sources she earns nearly $60,000 per month. Besides that she also has sponsorships that also contribute to her finances. She also earns from her musical endeavors.


Hays has various sponsorships on TikTok and on Instagram. She showcases the sponsored products on her platforms.

Danae Hays Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Hays lives with her wife in Nashville, Tennessee. She showed her lovely home on one of her TikTok videos.


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