Ben Meiselas Net Worth
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Ben Meiselas is a prominent attorney, activist and entrepreneur. He is famous for his MeidasTouch, a political action committee that is anti Trump. Besides that he is also a successful attorney. Through a prolific career in law as well as business Meiselas made a fortune for himself. Here we will know about Ben Meiselas’s net worth in 2024.

Personal Information:

Profession Attorney, Activist, Entrepreneur, Politician, Media Personality
Birth Date May 19, 1985
Age 39
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight 175 lb (79 kg)
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married

Life as a Successful Attorney & MeidasTouch

Meiselas enjoyed a successful career in the field of law. After graduating he started practicing law. Soon he proved his worth. He became a partner at Geragos & Geragos. Throughout his career, he has represented various high-profile celebrities. He has represented Colin Kaepernick who is a NFL star. Besides that he has also represented Nicki Minaj, Ice cube and many other celebrities. He is an avid democrat supporter so he started MeidasTouch, a committee that is anti-Trump and MAGA. As a result, he played a pivotal role in the campaign against Trump.

Ben Meiselas Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Meiselas made his fortune from being successful as a lawyer. He is a highly paid lawyer for his representation as he is an expert in civil rights. Besides that, he is also active politically. Moreover he is an investor and entrepreneur. He has investments in media and is popular on social media. As of 2024, Ben Meiselas has a net worth of $12 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Meiselas earns his salary from being a highly-paid lawyer. He charges a premium for his consultation. Throughout his legal career, he has made over $2 million in the form of salaries. Besides that, he also earns a significant amount from media deals which is nearly $1 million. He also earns from being an activist and advocating civil rights through endorsements and donations amounting to almost $3 million.

Diverse Business Ventures and Investments

Besides being a prolific attorney, Meiselas has various business ventures and investments. He has invested in media and entertainment. Later he founded MeidasTouch, a political action committee to oppose Trump.

Ben Meiselas Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Meiselas lives with his family in a luxurious house in Los Angeles. He dedicates his time to activism and politics.


Meiselas had a huge impact in the world of activism and politics. In the 2020 presidential election he played a great role against Trump. Later he also played a key role against Trump and continues to oppose Trump.


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