Adam Sosnick Net Worth

Adam Sosnick is a settlement as well as a financial and investment expert. He is popular for his podcasts where he educates people about finance and encourages his viewers to invest. Through his career in the field of finance Sosnick made a fortune for himself. Here we will know about Adam Sosnick’s net worth in 2024.

Adam Sosnick Personal Information:

Profession Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Investor, Educator
Birth Date February 4, 1980
Age 41
Height 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
Weight 163 lb (74 kg)
Nationality American
Wife/Girlfriend Mads
Children 0

Life Settlement & Soscast

Sosnick started to work in Welcome Funds Inc., a life settlement brokerage firm after he finished his education. Over the years he has become the senior vice president of sales at the firm. His experience in the field of finance made him an expert. Soon he started to share his expertise with people online. He started Soscast and PBD podcast. In the podcast he raises awareness about finance and advises people how to manage their wealth and grow.

Adam Sosnick Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Through a career in the financial field Sosnick earned his wealth. He worked in sales and various jobs. Eventually he became the head of sales. Besides that he also has an online presence where he teaches people about finance. He is also CEO of SOS Money. So as of 2024 Adam Sosnick has a net worth of $15 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Sosnick has diverse experience in the field of finance. So he earns from different streams of income. He owns his own company as well as heads some other. As a result he earns a decent salary. He has a monthly income of $33.5k. In a year he can earn nearly $500,000 through various ventures.

Diverse Business Ventures and Investments

Sosnick has invested in various sectors. He has investments in stocks, real estate and cryptocurrencies. Besides that he hosts his own podcast. He also owns his own company where he teaches people about finance. Moreover he has invested majorly in real estate amounting to almost $10 million.

Adam Sosnick Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Sosnick has a luxury home in Boca Raton, Florida. He bought it in 2021 for $10 million.


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