Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth
Credit: Paddletek

Anna Leigh Waters is a professional pickleball player. She is #1 pickleball player in single and double. Through a successful career as a professional athlete Waters made a fortune for herself at an early age. Here we will know about Anna Leigh Waters net worth in 2024.

Anna Leigh Waters Personal Information:

Profession Athlete, Pickleball player, Social media personality
Birth Date January 26, 2007
Age 17
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 119 lb (54 kg)
Nationality American
Relationship Status Single
Children 0

Becoming World’s Youngest Pickleball Pro-Player

Waters started her journey in the pro league of pickleball at an early age. She was just 12 when she started to play as a professional. Soon she became ranked #1 player in the world. In 2022 she won a few championships in doubles and singles. Her performance has gained her wide notoriety around the world as well as on social media.

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Through a career as a successful athlete Waters made her net worth. She has won various tournaments throughout her career and still has more to win. Besides that she has endorsements and sponsorship that has contributed to her net worth. She is also popular on social media that has helped her financial growth. As of 2024 Anna Leigh Waters has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Waters earns from her tournaments as well as sponsors. She has won nearly $1 million in prize money throughout her career. Besides that she is able to earn nearly $20,000 per tournament. Besides that her collaboration with various companies has earned a huge sum.

Endorsements and Sponsors

Anna has sponsorships and endorsements from various companies. She has agreements with JOOLA Pickleball, Whataburger and PPA. Besides that she also received sponsorships from Paddletek, Caravana, Lock Laces, Fila and many more. Caravana has provided Waters with a brand new Range Rover.

Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Waters lives with her family in a beautiful home in Delray Beach, Florida. Being young Waters focuses most of her time on her passion which is pickleball.


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