Jody Glidden Net Worth in 2024

Jody Glidden is a successful IT entrepreneur and engineer. He made his fortune through his successful career in Tech and his venture in entrepreneurship. Here we will know about Jody Glidden net worth in 2024.

Successful Journey in Tech Industry

Born in Canada Jody Glidden, showed interest in computers from an early age. When he was nine his parents gave him a book on building a video game. As a result, he made a successful project in grade school science fairs. In 2006 Glidden graduated from the University of New Brunswick. Later, he got a master’s degree in management information from Harvard University in 2011.

Glidden started his career as a software teacher at a community college. At that time, he developed an educational software. acquired the software and Glidden started working as a product and engineering leader in 1996. Later, CBT Systems bought During the early 2000s, he founded icGlobal which was later sold to SmartForce. As a result, he became a director at SmartForce. Glidden joined Chalk Media as COO and CTO in 2005. He steered the company towards its acquisition by Blackberry.

In 2012 Glidden founded Introhive, a company that provides solutions for managing data to companies. Introhive is a very successful tech company, they have won many awards too. It’s become a leader in B2B relationship intelligence and data management. The company is also recognized by Deloitte and won award from them. It’s a company that Pioneered innovative approaches to CRM data management.


Jody Glidden was born on September 18, 1973. So, he is of 50 years of age.

Jody Glidden Net Worth in 2024

Glidden is currently the CEO and founder of Introhive. As of 2024, Jody Glidden has a net worth of $10 million. The company earns tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. The company has raised about $135 million.

Glidden earned his fortune from his SaaS company and also selling his previous companies. He receives a hefty sum annually for his position within the company. All the while, The company is on track to reach $100 million in ARR within a few years. It was named Top 5 Canadian Companies to Watch by Globe and Mail.

Jody Glidden Girlfriend and Personal Life

Jody Glidden came into the spotlight when Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein revealed they had dating. Glidden was previously engaged in 2021 but he cancelled the wedding later. He also has a daughter from a previous marriage. He has both American and Canadian nationality.


Glidden has a high-end Miami Beach condo. He has chosen headquarters for his Miami company and raised $100 million for that effort.


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