Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth in 2024
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Andrew Dice Clay, better known by his stage name “The Diceman” is a successful stand-up comedian and actor. He rose to prominence during late 1980s. Here we will know about Andrew Clay’s net worth in 2024.

From Humble Beginning to Rise to Prominence

Born in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City, he grew up with his sister. He is of Jewish descent and his father was a boxer and real estate agent. At the age of five he started doing impressions. Then when he was seven, he started playing drums inspired by big band music.

Clay graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn. During his high school years, he played drums in different events under the name Clay Silvers. Later, he attended Kingsborough Community College but dropped out to pursue career as a stand-up comedian.

Clay debuted his character “The Diceman” in 1978. It was based on Jerry Lewis’s Buddy Love from The Nutty Professor. Later, he started performing at well-known comedy clubs. In 1980 he moved to Los Angeles and debuted in a slasher film parody “Wacko” by 1982. Clay officially added “Diceman” to his name in 1983. While performing at The Comedy Store Clay turned “The Diceman” into a fully-formed alter ego, debuting his new persona.

From 1986 to 1988 Clay appeared in 13 episodes of NBC’s Crime Story. He gained national attention when appearing in Rodney Dangerfield’s stand-up comedy showcase oh HBO’s “Nothing Goes Right”. In 1989 Performance magazine named Clay as Comedy Act of the Year. He released his debut album “Dice” in 1989. Later His second album reached #39 on the “Billboard ” 200 chart.

In 1993 his pay-per-view special “No Apologies” was sold more than 250,000 times. Later, his follow-up sold more than 100,000 times. His HBO special was released in 1995. Clay released his triple album in 1998.

In 2000 Clay performed in Madison Square Garden again and in 2007 he starred in a reality series. He also guest-starred in a few shows in 2011. Later, he started co-hosting a podcast in 2013. Clay also kept up with writing and released his book in 2014. Later in 2018 he appeared in an award-winning film “A Star Is Born”.


The comedian was born on September 29, 1957. So, he is 66 years of age.

Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth in 2024

Clay made his fortune through his career as a successful comedian, musician, and actor.

As of 2024, Clay has a net worth of $10 million. Even being a controversial figure Clay can draw in audiences by humor and earn hefty amounts from his shows. He earns his money from shows and royalties as well as starred in different movies and series.

Personal Life

Clay was married to Kathy Swanson in 1984. The couple was separated in 1986. He later married Kathleen Monica in 1992 and the couple had two children. Later they divorced in 2002. After that Clay was married to Valerie Vasquez from 2010 to 2014 and was engaged to Eleanor Kerrigan. In 2017 Clay found out he had a partially blocked artery.

Andrew Dice Clay Assets:

Clay purchased a house in Hollywood for $1.179 million. At the same time, he also bought a 4,461-square-foot home in Las Vegas in 2006 for $450,000. Later in 2010, he sold another 2,720-square-foot house in Hollywood for $1.399 million.


Clay became prominent for his brash and deliberately offensive persona known as “The Diceman”. MTV banned Clay in 1989 after he had performed an adult version of a nursery rhyme at the MTV Music Awards. However, the network removed the ban in 2011. The insult comedy he performed made him a controversial figure.


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