Isaac Rochell Net Worth
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Isaac Rochell born Isaac Christopher Rochell is a free-agent American footballer who plays defensive end in the NFL. He is currently on the Las Vegas Raiders roster. Rochell made his fortune through a successful football career. Here we will know about Isaac Rochell’s net worth in 2024.

Becoming a Star

Born in McDonough, Georgia, United States, Rochell showed a latent talent for football from an early age. His journey in the world of football began at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy. Later he attended the University of Notre Dame. During his university, he was a three-year starter. Even though initially he was going strong, his performance slowed down during his last years in university. He possesses a strong work ethic as well as consistency that later helped in the pro league.

In 2017, the Los Angeles Chargers drafted Rochell in the seventh round. The team re-signed him to the practice squad before promoting him to the active roster. He re-signed to stay with the Charges in 2020. Rochell Later played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2021. In 2022 Rochell signed with the Cleveland Browns. However the team terminated the contract and assigned him to the practice squad and again to the active squad. Eventually, Rochell terminated the contract.

Currently, Rochell is with the Las Vegas Raiders. He signed with them in December of 2022. He re-signed with them in 2023.


Isaac Rochell was born on April 22, 1995. So, he is 28 years of age.

Isaac Rochell Net Worth in 2024

Rochell has made his fortune as a career footballer in the NFL. He gets paid a handsome salary each year for his role on the field. Currently he earns $1.2 million with the Las Vegas Raiders as per the contract. As of 2024 Isaac Rochell has a net worth of $6 million. Rochell started with $2,487,756 with the Chargers. Later with the Colts he also earned $250,000 as a signing bonus. Besides that he also earns from sponsorship of various brands.

Height & Weight

Isaac Rochell stands at 190 cm (6 foot 4 inches) tall and weighs around 127 kg (280 lb).

Isaac Rochell Wife

Currently Isaac Rochell is married to Allison Kucharczky. The couple also has a daughter together.


Rochell bought a luxury apartment in New York for $3 million. He has a mortgage payment of $1.6 million. He owns several cars too. Among them are a 2017 Ford Mustang GT and a Bentley Continental GT.

He is also one of the owners of Real Wellness. The company promotes CBD products.


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