Cecum Cancer Curable
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Cancer is the most terrifying thing that a person wants to hear on diagnosis. There is a misconception among millions of people around the world, that cancer is not curable, and that it always takes life. Here, we will briefly discuss how people with Cecum Cancer can be saved and lead a healthy and happy life.

What is Cecum Cancer?

A cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues, which proliferates and enlarges in a short period. Cancer cells are different from normal cells, they have a high tendency to affect good and healthy tissues adjacent to the origin. In some cases, cancer spreads to other organs of the body in an advanced stage, which is life-threatening.

A cecum cancer is a cancer, which occurs in the cecum of the colon. When tissues in the cecum grow more rapidly than normal, and the structure of the cells differs from the normal cells, we can call it cancer.

A malignant or cancer cell has some criteria. Firstly, the cells will show a high mitotic rate, and the nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio will increase over time. One of the most important criteria that is seen is cells try to metastasize to another part of the body, through lymph nodes or blood. The cells show abnormal nuclear structure, and differentiation is completely lost.

The cells adjacent to the area in cecum cancer show the above criteria. In most of the cases, the cancer is associated with intestinal TB. In the initial stage, the cells form a mass and create a tumor. This subsequently develops cecum cancer if left untreated.

What are the signs and symptoms that a patient faces in Cecum Cancer:

Most of the cecum cancers don’t show any symptoms in the initial stage. A patient faces many health issues when diagnosed with Cecum Cancer. Here are some of them:

Dark Stool:

In the case of cecum cancer, bleeding occurs in the colon. As a result, the stool shows a dark color. A patient with colon cancer may face bleeding with stool in advanced cases.


Anemia is the lack of red blood cells or RBCs in the human body. Due to bleeding, blood tests show a low volume of RBCs in cecum cancer patients.


Ascites is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. A patient with cecum cancer faces bloating in the abdomen due to the accumulation of fluid. The patient can’t move and feels very weak at this time.

Nausea and Vomiting:

Due to bleeding and malnutrition, patients may feel dizzy. Bloating and gas in the abdomen may cause them to vomit.

Weight loss:

Weight loss is common in all types of cancer. Colon Cancer patients may face many problems including marked weight loss.

Is Cecum Cancer Curable?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many myths on the treatment of cancer, and to most of the person, cancer seems incurable. But cancers like cercum cancer is totally curable. there are some factors that impacts the cure rate:

  1. Time of Diagnosis
  2. Rate of the Growth
  3. Stage and Grade of the cancer.
  4. Distant Metastasis

When ever you find any symtoms that seems un natural to you, you shuld take consultation of a doctor. Regular checkup helps you to diagnose any disease early. IF the cancer grows slowly, it can be cured with proper measuremant.

There are many stages and grading of cancer. Staging of cancer is determined based on the sze of cancer, lymph node involbvement, and metastasis; while grading is done based on the rate of growth. Stage 1 and 2 cancers can be treated easily. Same goes for grade 1 and 2.

Finally, the clinicans have to detarmine and diagnose if the cancer has spread to other organs. Like in case of colon cancer, it spreads to pancreas, abdominal wall and other internal organ. If the cancer is compacted in the cecum, it can be cured with proper measurements.

How this cancer is cured?

Treatment of adjuscent problems:

The doctor has to evaluate the condition of the patient and associated symptoms at first. If the patient has ascites, it has to be cured at first. In case of severely anemic patient, the anemia has to be treated. Other wise, the body won’t respond to further treatments.


Chemotherapy is very essential for cancer treatment. If the cancer is in a small area, it chan be treated with chemotherapy. It destroys the cancer cells. In case of fast growing cancer, chemotherapy is indicated, as it slows the growth of the cancer in the body. So, after treating adjuscent medical issues, if the patient is fit to undergo chemotherapy, doctor prescribes it.


Surgery is indicated for comparatively large malignant tumour cases. If the cancer mass is large, which obstructs the path of the colon, surgery is indicated. During the surgery, all the cancerous cells are removed very cautiously. Doctors also removes some healthy cells to confirm that there is not a single cancer cell alive. Cancer cells are very dangerous, from a single cancer cell, the chance of recurrance is 100%

Followup and post operative therapy:

Post Operative vhemotherpay is needed to reconfirm the death of cancer cells. Sometiems, a little amount of cancer cells remains, which is killed by post operative therapy. Doctor also prescribes the patients long term medication to improve their health status.

How to Prevent Cecum cancer?

Regular Health Checkup:

Regualr health checkup is the main key to a healthy life. you may find many unwanted diseases in your body at a very early stage with this.

Physical Exercise:

Physical Exercise is very much needed to keep yourbody from cecum cancer. You should walk atleast half an hour a day to keep your body healthy. This also prevents other health issues including heart diseases.

Quite Smoking:

Smoking is very injurious to health. people who smoke face many health issues. Cigerrrates contain many carcinogens, which is responsible for lung cancer, colon cancer and many more.


Maintaining a healthy diet is very much important for keeping your gut healthy. you should avoid carbohydrate foods and start taking more low fat protien and fibers to keep your intestine healthy. This helps you maintaining your weight as well as a good health.

Final Words:

Many people around the world dies due to cecum cancer due to their lack of knowledge about the disease. If you maintain the measures we described above, you chance from suffering the disease will be lowered. Even if you are diagnosed with this disease, with proper treatemnt, cecum cancer can be compeltely cured.


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