Jerry Mathers Net Worth
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Jerry Mathers born Gerald Patrick Mathers is a famous retired actor. He is popular for playing Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver in the sitcom Leave It to Beaver. Mathers made his fortune through a successful career on screen. Here we will know about Jerry Mathers net worth in 2024.

Becoming a Star

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, United States Mathers grew up with his 2 siblings in San Fernando Valley, California. From early childhood, mothers showed a penchant for acting. So he began his career pretty early as a child actor at the age of 2 appearing in a departmental store ad. At the same time, he also appeared in another commercial for PET Milk.

Mathers debuted on screen in 1952. Throughout the 50s he starred in various films. The Seven Little Foys, The Trouble with Harry, and This Is My Love are to name a few. Mathers had his big break in 1957 when he starred in Leave It to Beaver as Beaver Cleaver. He appeared on the show for 6 years in a total of 234 episodes. Due to his great performance as the character he received a percentage from the sales of merchandise. The sitcom was a huge hit airing in over 90 countries in 40 different languages. Mathers recorded 2 singles in 1962 taking his foray into the music world.

Even though Mathers was a successful child actor. When he became a teen he started focusing more on his studies than acting. He finished high school at Notre Dame High School. While in high school he formed the band Beaver and the Trappers. During his school years, Mathers joined the military and worked there from 1966 to 1969. He served in the 146th Airlift Wing of California Air National Guard. Mathers and Angela Cartwright presented the Emmy Award to Gene Kelly in 1967. Mathers graduated with a high degree in philosophy from the University of California, Barkley. Later in 1980 Mathers made fun of the rumors about his death in Saturday Night Live.

Mathers invested his earnings as a child actor that giving him a weekly return of $500. Later in 1983, he returned to screen with the film Still the Beaver. After that, a show of the same name ran from 1984 to 1989. 

In 2001 Mathers appeared on Weakest Link. Later In 2007, he made his Broadway debut. From 2018 to 2019 Mathers promoted Leave It to Beaver on MeTV.


Jerry Mathers was born on June 2, 1948. So, he is 75 years of age.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth in 2024

Through a successful career as an actor, Mathers built a decent amount of wealth for himself. As of 2024, Jerry Mathers has a net worth of $3 million. Mathers enjoyed a successful career as a child actor. The earnings from his acting career contributed to his wealth. Besides that, he invested in different businesses to get a steady return. As a result, he mostly now earns from his investments.

Jerry Mathers Wife

Mathers married Diana Platt in 1974. Later they divorced in 1981. After that, he married Rhonda Gehring and the couple had 3 children together. The couple divorced in 1997. Mathers again married Teresa Modnick in 2011 and this was his third marriage.

Health Complication

Mathers has been battling with Type 2 Diabetes since 1996 when he found out. Subsequently, he got into a Jenny Craig program, losing 40 pounds and he became the first male spokesperson of the brand. Later he also became the spokesman for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Jerry Mathers Asset

Mathers initially invested in real estate. So he also has good command over the real estate sector. He owns several rental properties besides his home.

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