Damon Dash Net Worth
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Damon Dash born Damon Anthonoy Dash is an entrepreneur, record producer, and music executive. He co-founded Roc-A-Fella, a high-earning record label. Dash became a criticized topic on the internet because of his bad financial decisions. He once had it all but lost a lot in the end. Here we will learn about Damon Dash’s net worth in 2024 along with his rise and fall.

Rise to the Top from Nothing

Born in New York, United States, Dash had a struggling childhood growing up. His mother died when he was just 15 because of an asthma attack. During his teen years he worked in a barber shop, swept floors and sold newspapers. He learned to hustle from his mother. He also found out that he had type 1 diabetes when his mom passed away. 

From his childhood Dash had an inkling towards music. After the creation of Roc-A-Fella in 1999, Dash organized a tour for Jay-z earning $19 million. Later Def Jam Recordings bought out the label which they initially had fifty percent stake in. Later Jay-Z served as the president of Def Jam and also bought out Dash’s Stake in Rocawear in 2005. 

Dash was involved with Blind debit in 2014 which was a payment application. He founded DD172 which is a media collective and has an art gallery. Besides that he also owned a film production company. The company made films such as The Woodsman and Paid in Full. During the peak of his time Dash branded his product which was very lucrative at that time.


Damon Dash was born on May 3, 1971. So, he is 52 years of age.

Damon Dash Net Worth in 2024

In the beginning of his career Dash enjoyed huge successes. During the peak of his career he had a net worth of more than $50 million. But through various bad financial decisions and trouble with the law Dash has lost most of his wealth. As of 2024 Damon Dash has a net worth of $500,000. He mostly earns from the stakes he still has in various businesses.

Financial Troubles

Dash paid $50,000 to Linda Williams in 2014 as fine for harassment charges. He owed New York state a hefty sum of $4.14 million in taxes. He was also sued by various creditors for his inability to pay. His house in Tribeca New York was sold on foreclosure for $5.5 million which had a value of $9 million.

Dash also had to pay $341,991 in 2019 to Rachel Roy. In 2019 he was arrested as he couldn’t pay the $400,000 child support and later paid $1 million for his release. Dash won a lawsuit against Lee Daniels of $2 million but he had to pay creditors with that sum. In 2024 he petitioned that he could only pay $430 monthly for child support.

Damon Dash Wife

Dash had a relationship with Aaliyah, a R&B singer from 2000 until her death in 2001. Later in 2005 Dash married Rachel Roy, a fashion designer by trade, They started dating when she interned at Rocawear. The couple divorced in 2009 and they had two children together.

Dash also has a child from each previous relationship with Linda Williams and Cindy Morales. Currently Dash has a son with his fiance Raquel.


Rapper Curren$y sued Dash in 2012 for $1.5 million as Dash released his music without his consent. Jay-Z put a restraining order as Dash wanted to sell the first album as NFT. They settled the lawsuit relating to NFT in 2022. There was allegation of sexual assault against Dash and he had to pay $30,000 damage to Monique Bunn.


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