Steve Perry Net Worth
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Steve Perry born Stephen Ray Perry is a well-known singer and songwriter. He is better known as the frontman and lead vocalist for the rock band Journey. Perry has been able to earn a fortune owing to his successful career as a musician. Here we will know about Steven Perry’s net worth in 2024.

From Struggle to Rise in Prominence

Born in Hanford, California, Perry had always been passionate about music. Both his parents were Portuguese. As he was an only child, his father had a huge influence in that. His father was also a vocalist as well as the co-owner of the KNGS radio station. When he was eight, his parents split. Later, he along with his mother moved to his grandparents farm. Perry wears a pendant which he got from his mother on his 12th birthday. Sam Cooke’s Cupid inspired Perry to be a musician.

Perry went to a high school in Lemoore, California. During his time in high school he involved himself with music by joining a marching band. After finishing high school he attended College of Sequoias where he sang as a tenor in the choir.

After moving to Sacramento, he started a band with Scott Mathews. The band Ice recorded during the day while Stevie Wonder recorded Talking Book at night. The recording took place in 1972 at the Record Plant. Later in 1975 after moving to Thousand Oaks, California Perry founded Pieces, a band that had a genre of progressive rock. After some unsuccessful ventures Perry wound up in Banta, California. Later due to bad experiences he moved back to Lamoore and didn’t want to continue his musical career. But it soon all changed when he answered the phone call of the band Journey’s manager.

The band liked Perry’s voice from the recording of Alien Project. Later Perry replaced the band’s singer and appeared on the 1978 album titled Infinity. Perry modified the style of the band by infusing pop into the progressive rock. As a result the band began to trend on the radio. Perry later worked on various albums of the band and the stellar single “Open Arms” which became second on the charts. In 1985 he was on The USA for Africa all star benefit song.

After taking a break in 1994 Perry released his solo album. He collaborated with Jeff Golub in 2003. During 2014 he joined Eels for three concerts. A year later in 2018 he released a studio album. He confirmed in 2023 that he would be the backing vocal of  Dolly Parton’s upcoming album Rockstar.

Becoming The Voice

Due to his voice and singing style, Perry earned the title “The Voice”. Jon Bon Jovi coined the title. In 2017 Perry as a member of Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His solo efforts landed him in the Songwriters Hall of Fame 2020. In 2005 the Chicago White Sox made “Don’t Stop Believin” their anthem.


Steve Perry was born on January 22, 1949. So he is 75 years of age.

Steve Perry Girlfriend

Perry dated Sherrie Swafford during the 1980s and dedicated the song “Oh Sherrie” in 1984. In 2011 Perry dated Kellie Nash. During an interview in 2019, he revealed that he has a daughter and grandchildren.

Steve Perry Net Worth 2024

Through his successful career in the music industry, Perry has earned a fortune. As of 2024 Steve Perry has a net worth of $70 million. His primary source of income is his profession as a singer and songwriter. He is one of the best voices in the history of music.

Health Issues

Perry replaced his hip through surgery in 1998 which was successful. In 2013 Perry underwent an operation to remove a mole. Soon he found out it was melanoma but it didn’t require any more treatment.


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