William Perry Net Worth in 2024

William Perry was a professional NFL player who was active in the 80s. He was famous for his big body. Here, we shall discuss William Perry’s Net Worth in 2024, his age, height, weight, wife, and others.

William Perry Age:

The player was born on December 16, 1962. So, William Perry is 62 years of age.

Early Life and Career:

William was born and grew up in South Carolina. He was a big boy since his boyhood. He started playing football at school. Even having 200lb of weight, he was elected the sixth faster runner on his school’s football team. He had many athletic skills like running fast with high weight, 360-degree dunks, and complicated dives while swimming.

He joined Clemson University with a sports scholarship and started his college football career for the Clemson Tigers football. The player was named “Refrigerator” for his huge body. He was a member of the 1981 National Championship Team. His immense talent made lots of NFL teams interested.

He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round. But his NFL journey was not so smooth. He was selected by the coach, but the defensive coordinator didn’t like him. William Perry started to play as a fullback in his first season and proved himself in the position. His relationship with the fans and the players became strong.

William Perry finished his career in 1994. He was the winner of the Super Bowl XXX. Apart from football, he was active in boxing. He had a historical celebrity boxing fight with Manute Bol, a former NBA player. He also appeared in Wrestlemania 2. In 2006, he was added to the WWE Hall of Fame.

William Perry Net Worth in 2024:

William Perry has a net worth of $25,000 in 2024. He had to suffer from financial problems in the last period of his life.

He gained a good amount of money from his NFL career. he appeared in many TV shows, which helped him earn money. But he spent most of them on his treatment. Currently, he is enjoying his retirement.

Health Issues:

From his childhood, he suffered from many health-related issues. He was overweight, but he could run fast. In his last days as an active football career, he was slowing down for the weight.

William was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome in 2007. He had bad drinking and eating habits. He was also found to have treatment for diabetes in 2016.

Height and Weight:

The athlete has a height of 6 ft 2 and a weight of 152 kg.

William Perry Wife:

William Perry has married twice, his first marriage was with William Perry in 1982. They got separated in 2004. In 2007, he married Valerie Perry, who was the former wife of another NFL player.


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