Kirk Cameron Net Worth
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Kirk Cameron is a TV and film actor, evangelist and producer. He gained wide notoriety for his appearance on “Growing Pains”. Through his successful entertainment career, he has been able to amass a fortune. Here we will know about Kirk Cameron.

Rise to Prominence

Born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States, Kirk grew up in a traditional Christian family. Both of Kirk’s parents were school teachers and he has three sisters. He attended high school on the set of Growing Pains rather than traditional school. During breaks, he attended classes at Chatsworth High School. Even after that, he graduated with honors in 1988.

Cameron began his journey in the entertainment industry at an early age of nine. He first appeared in an advertisement for a breakfast cereal. At the age of thirteen, he debuted on the silver screen, a tv series titled Two Marriages. Soon he appeared in various TV shows and films.

In 1985 he starred in a sitcom titled “Growing Pains” which aired on ABC. The show brought him public notoriety for playing the character Mike Seaver. Throughout the 1980s he appeared on the cover of various teen magazines including Teen Beat, and Tiger Beat.  During that time at an early age, he made $50,000 a week. During Super Bowl XXIV he was in a Pepsi commercial.

Cameron appeared as a guest on Full House in 1988. Throughout the 90’s he appeared in numerous films and shows. Listen to Me, The WB, and Kirk are to name a few. Cameron starred in The Growing Pains Movie in 2000. In 2008 he starred in the drama film Fireproof which became the highest-grossing independent film that year. The film only had a budget of $500,000 but grossed $33,415,129 becoming a box office success.

Cameron narrated a documentary film in 2012. Throughout the 2010’s he appeared in numerous films and documentaries. Mercury Rule, Saving Christmas, and Extraordinary are to name a few.

In 2022 Cameron was in Lifemark, a film that grossed $5 million domestically. During that year he released his book titled As You Grow. It was a faith-based book. That year he toured for his book and read before many crowds at libraries.


Kirk Cameron was born on October 12, 1970. So, he is 53 years of age.

Kirk Cameron Wife

Camron married Chelsea Noble in 1991 and they have been together since then. The couple have six children together among them four are adopted and two are biological.

Kirk Cameron Net Worth in 2024

Through his venture in Hollywood, he has amassed a decent chunk of wealth. As of 2024, Kirk Cameron has a net worth of $25 million. He has multiple sources of income such as roles in films, endorsements, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Starring in Growing Pain significantly contributed to his wealth.

Becoming An Evangelist

Cameron became a born-again Christian when he was 17. He converted to be a protestant. He along with Ray Comfort established The way of the Master to teach evangelism methods. They also had a television show of the same name which won the award for best religious show for two years in a row. Later he also founded the Firefly Foundation with his wife. It’s a summer camp providing vacation to terminally ill children.

In 2007 Cameron participated in a religious debate and the issue was the existence of God. The debate’s points were also about atheism and evolution. Cameron mentioned the Ten Commandments. His comment on Homosexuality on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight received criticism in 2012 from GLAAD. That same year, Indiana Wesleyan University honored Cameron and inducted him into the Society of World Changers.

Political View

Cameron is an avid conservative. During the 2016 presidential election, he supported Donald Trump.

Kirk Cameron Assets

Cameron bought a house in Agoura Hills, California for $645,000 in 1998. The property is of 1 acre and is in an exclusive gated community. The equivalent value of the property in 2024 is nearly $4 million.


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