Anthony Levandowski Net Worth
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Anthony Levandowski is an Engineer and successful businessman. He has been famous for his amazing career in the automotive industry. Here, we will know Anthony Levandowski’s Net worth in 2024, his financial journey, career, family, wife, assets, and other necessary information.

Amazing Journey in the Automotive Industry:

Anthony Levandowski was born in Belgium, but later he moved to America with his family. He studied in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. His main focus was developing autonomous vehicles. Levandowski with his team built a two-wheeled vehicle named Ghost Raider for the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004, which was a self-driving two-wheeler.

Anthony built a tool named Vuetool with Sebastian Thrun, which was a street mapping project. The project attracted the attention of Google, and the team was later hired for the Google Streetview project. later, he founded startups named Anthony’s Robots and 510 Systems to run Google’s street view project successfully. these startups were later bought by Google in 2011.

He was the co-founder of Waymo. it was a self-driving car project, produced by Google. He worked as a technical lead successfully for some years there. In 2016, he left the company and built another startup named Otto. The main goal of the new company was to bring self-driving vehicles into the market as early as possible. But after, the company was shut down for some legal issues.

Levandowski launched a new company in 2018, named Pronto AI. This was a self-driving technology for the Semi trucks. in 2022, the tech personality launched a company named Pollen Mobile. It is an open-source mobile network.


The engineer was born on March 15, 1980. So, Anthony Levandowski is currently 43 years of age.

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth:

Surprisingly, despite being one of the pioneers of self-driving technology, the former Google employee is currently suffering from a huge debt. In 2020, he lost a $179 million lawsuit against Google. He had to declare bankruptcy at that time.

In 2022, he settled with Google and Uber, which stated that he owed around $30 Million. After 2 years of the settlement, Anthony Levandowski is still in debt of $20 Million to google in 2024.

Anthony had a very good net worth before his legal issues. He had a net worth of $100 million back in 2020, before the civil lawsuit. He earned most of the money from Google, as he was one of the tech leads. Besides, he made a huge money from selling his successful start-ups to other tech giants. Now, he is constantly repaying his debts from the revenue of his current businesses.


Anthony Levandowski is married. He is married to Rozanna Tatiana Kaminska. the couple has two children.

Anthony Levandowski Legal Issues:

Anthony Levandowski started his career as a successful automotive engineer. he played a remarkable role in developing Google’s street view and also was one of the top employees of the company. But, in 2017, Waymo, which was a company run by Google, filed a lawsuit against him. He was alleged to have traded confidential data of the company. Anthony lost in the lawsuit, which caused him bankruptcy, and also a punishment of 18 months of imprisonment.


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