The coolest AI features that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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The year 2023 has been a great year for smartphones. After the release of the new Pixel 9 and iPhone 15 Max, everyone was waiting for Samsung to know what they would be offering to their upcoming flagship device. the wait is over, as Samsung has announced their new Galaxy S24 ultra. Apart from improving the hardware and software, Samsung has entered a new era with its AI features. let’s see what Samsung has introduced to their users in their new flagship phone.

Smartphones in the AI Era:

AI or artificial intelligence will be a part of human life in 2024. We saw the touch of AI in Google assistance or Apple’s Siri a long time ago. But, last year, Google Pixel took it to a different level with the powerful integration with AI. There were touches of AI in every part of the device, starting with a Camera, and other day-to-day features.

Apple has been pretty laggy in the section, as we didn’t see much improvement in AI in their latest device 15 Pro Max. The device performs amazingly in almost all aspects, but a touch of AI could make it a beast in the flagship category. Samsung announced their S24 series on January 17, 2024, and they showed many promising stuff integrated with AI.

Galaxy AI: Samsung enters the ERA:

Samsung has given its new AI features, the Galaxy AI. These features include circle to search, generative edit, live to translate, Chat assist, transcript assist, and many more. Let’s learn in detail about them;

1. Circle to Search:

Circle to search is a feature, that will help you to search for anything you see. For example, you are browsing social media and like a product in someone’s photo. Samsung’s AI will search for every detail on that, you just have to circle it. Whenever something in front of you is unrecognizable, just capture a photo, circle the Item, and let the AI do the rest. Even you can search for anything from a video just by tapping on the item. This feature will save you time and decrease your reliability to Google Lens.

2. Generative Edit:

This AI feature comes with an image editor. the feature helps you to move, remove, or resize any object in the photos. The feature is more like Google’s magic eraser. In Google’s pixel, the feature is laggy sometimes, because of the low efficiency of their chipset. But In Samsung’s generative edit, you can give an AI touch to each of your photos without any hassle. Thanks to Snapdragon’s new Qualcomm 8 gen 3 SOC. The chip is well optimized to perform AI works perfectly.

3. Transcript Assist:

Are you in a hurry to make a presentation for your office? or do you have to send your boss an email quickly and shortly? Your tension will be over within a minute if you have the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Galaxy AI will create and generate all the necessary edits to your documents. Furthermore, the Transcript assists rewrites and retouches each of your documents to give it a more professional look.

4. Live translate:

The best AI feature that Galaxy AI has brought this year is the Live Translate feature. Suppose, you have gone to a foreign country, and want to book a taxi. If the taxi driver is local and not familiar with English, he won’t understand you over the call. you may think of google translator, but that is of no use in live audio calls. Samsung’s new AI has made it possible to communicate with anyone in any language over a voice call, which they call live translate.

If you turn the feature on, you will get live voice translation from the other side with the help of AI. And, your voice will also be translated to the language you select and delivered to thee receiver at the same time. Even with this feature, you can your texting will also be translated if the feature is turned on.

5. Chat Assist:

Not but not least, you will get built chat assist with Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra. While, most of the chat assist work online, you can use Samsung’s AI powered chat assist without any internet. So, places you don’t have any internet access, the Chat Assist will be their to help you with.


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