David Choe Net Worth 2024
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David Choe is a famous American artist, painter, Musician, Journalist, and actor. Here, we will know David Choe’s Net Worth in 2024, his Age, his Wife, and all the necessary information.

Who is David Choe: Early Life and Career

David Choe is Korean in origin, as his parents came from Korea as immigrants to the USA. He had a fascination for painting from his childhood, often painting on the streets of the neighborhood from his childhood. At the age of 20, he published his first graphic novel titled Slow Jams.

Soon he started to gain popularity and gain fans around the world. one of his fans was Billionaire Sean Parker, who asked him to paint inside Facebook’s office. The biggest and best decision of Coe’s life was taking Facebook’s stock as payment for his work instead of money. He has participated in many art exhibitions throughout his career.

Choe worked for the ‘Vice’ magazine for a few years in the online series Thumbs Up. Later in 2013, he started his own podcast show regarding lifestyle and entertainment. In one of his podcasts in 2014, Choe commented on his “rapey behavior”. which caused many controversial at that time.

The artist has also appeared in many TV shows throughout his career. he has worked in We Are the Strange, Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, The Mandalorian, and many more. His latest work was ‘Beef’, which was broadcast on Netflix.


David Choe was born on April 21, 1976. Currently, He is 47 years of age.

David Choe Net Worth in 2024:

In 2024, David Choe has a net worth of USD 300 Million. He has made a huge fortune for making some correct decisions in his life. While he was assigned to draw murals in Facebook’s office, he was offered $60,000 as payment or a Facebook share. But, he rather chose to take Facebook’s share, which was worth $200 Million back in 2012.

David has also earned a huge amount of money from his artwork. As one of the leading artists in the industry, he charges a lot for his artwork. Also, his career in Music and film has helped him to gain money.

David Choe Wife:

David Choe is unmarried. He had never married before. The artist admitted about his sex life in many shows. He had been in many relationships from a young age. He also admitted that he never had a one-night stand.


David Choe had his mansion in n LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood. It cost him $3.1 million. The artist has a huge fascination for cars. He has many luxurious cars in his collection


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