Cameron Diaz Net Worth
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Cameron Diaz born Cameron Michelle Diaz is a famous actress and model. She first gained popularity in 1994 through the movie Mask which earned $340 million. Since then she has become one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood. Their successful career in Hollywood has earned her a fortune, making her one of the highest paid actresses of all time. Here we will know about Cameron Diaz’s net worth in 2024.

Cameron Diaz Personal Information:

Profession Actor, Model, Voice Actor, Writer
Birth Date August 30, 1972
Age 51
Height 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Weight 128 lb (58 kg)
Nationality American
Husband Benji Madden
Children 1

Becoming a Sex Symbol & Icon in Hollywood

Diaz became a sex symbol in Hollywood in the 90s. Even though she started her career as a model, she soon became a Hollywood sensation in the 90s. She has appeared in numerous commercially successful films, making her one of the top earners in the entertainment industry. Throughout her career she appeared in movies like Charlie’s Angels franchise, Shrek franchise, Gangs of New York, Bad Teacher, The Other Woman and many more.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth Analysis in 2024

Through a successful career in the entertainment industry Diaz has made her name a brand. She is one of the most successful actresses of her time. Her movies have grossed over $7 billion in the US alone. In 2013 she made the record of being the highest paid actress over 40. Though her acting career contributed to her wealth, she has also successfully released her books. As of 2024 Diaz has a net worth of $150 million.

Salary and Earnings:

Diaz is one of the highest paid actresses of all time. For Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle she earned $20 million, making her the third actress to earn $20 million in the history. From her 2011 film Bad Teacher she earned nearly $42 million in total. She had a percentage in the film’s earning stake as the film grossed $210 million. For the Shrek first film she earned $3 million and later she earned $10 million for the second installment. Besides that she also earned $17.5 million from Gangs of New York. She usually earns $10 million starring in any movie. She has earned more than $160 million in salaries alone from various films.

Endorsements and Sponsors

Diaz started her career as a model. So, she is famous in the world of various high end brands. She has been the face of many high end brands over various periods of time. Besides that Diaz has a huge following on social media where she had huge sponsorships. 

Cameron Diaz Personal Assets and Lifestyle: 

Diaz currently lives in Montecito, California. She bought the 11,000-square-foot home for $12.67 million in 2022. At the same time, she sold her home in Sunset Strip in 2022 for $4.9 million. In 2020 they bought a 9,000 square feet house on 1.7 acres of land in Beverly Hills for $14.7 million. Besides that she owns a loft in Chelsea, New York City which she bought for $9.5 million in 2013. Previously in 2010 she bought another home in Beverly Hills for $9.5 million.

Diaz is also popular in the world of activism. She is an avid supporter of climate change and preserving the environment. Besides that she is also a spokesperson for war veterans and has worked with IAVA, a non-profit organization to help veterans.


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